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How to Enlarge The Male Genitalia


The genital area of both men and women is a sensitive issue. It gets worse when it comes to the male gender. Men are obsessed having a phallus that is the right size. This is because they have a perception of being a man enough if your phallus size is huge and standard if not above it. The size of the male genitals is determined by family genetics. If you come from a lineage off big phallus chances are that you may have a big one too or your children may inherit that hugeness gene. There are different people who suffer from the micro phallus condition. This is condition where after erection the size of the genitals when measured I below 3 and a half inches. These kinds of people suffering from this condition try to look for methods that will help in the penis enlargement of their genitals.


There are a lot of myths in the market about phallus enlargement. There are companies that are taking advantage of the vulnerability of the people trying to achieve this. They introduce pills in the market that they claim work and help in the enlargement. These pills are fake for there is no scientific proof that can back these weird allegations. These pills are just in the market to satisfy a demand of people who are too desperate to read that this is just a big scam. There are exercises that one can do that will help in the enlargement of this body part. There is some proof that this works since it takes into enlargement of the phallus muscles. These exercises can be kegel, jelqing or stretching. All these exercises are aimed at achieving different results. If someone is looking to increase blood flow to this are of their bodies that can practice kegel exercises while those who want to increase in size can go for milking excises also known as jelging. Check out this website at http://www.ehow.com/about_5655100_average-cost-penile-enlargement-surgery.html and learn more about penis enlargements.


One can buy a vacuum pump. These pumps help in the male enhancement of the phallus temporarily when using them, they use vacuum in the cup that will increase pressures and allow blood flow into the phallus when erect. This method helps in only enlarge of the size for some time. Medical practitioners can recommend these pumps to people who re sufferings from an erection disorder to help teat the issue. When using the pump the use should follow all the laid out precautions to avoid injuring yourself.