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Male Genital Enlargement Techniques


In one way or another a huge number of men are concerned about the size of their genital area. Some think that it is too small and needs to be enhanced. While others feel that theirs is perfect there is no perfect size since everyone has their own definition of perfect. But a number of men who feel that theirs is too small or thin look for ways to enhance it to look as they want it to. There are different meth gods that can help someone achieve it. Scientist categorizes a phallus when erect and is below 3.5 inches as being micro thus the term micro phallus.


They can use pills that are sold in the market. These pills contain hormones or chemicals that are known to help in the enlargement of the size of the phallus. These pills that re sold in the market just claim you work but there is no scientific proof to support this theory. What they do is help in the increase of blood flow which will cause a harder erection. These pills are harmful for they have substances that are disclosed that are not good for your body. One can make use of vacuum pumps. these are devices that make use of the vacuum to help in the increase of blood flow to the area. They have temporary enlargement effect. When used for long they can damage the elastic muscle found here that is dangerous. These pumps can be prescribed for treating people with erection dysfunction. Visit this website at http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/news/penis-enlargement/ for more facts about penis enlargements.


Exercises by phalogenics are the other popular method. This method is said to work for it involved muscles. These exercises involve several massage techniques and stretches on the genital surface. These exercises are done by the use of hand. These techniques make use of lubricants that make the massaging easier. It is meant to help draw blood to it which will in turn help in tissue growth.


 These exercises are practices like a dose three times in a week. There are some common exercises types for this work. Jelqing exercise that can be termed as milking the phallus, jelqing exercises that aim at increase blood flow on the surface and stretching. Stretching is aimed at increasing the length of the phallus. Exercising is the only method that has been proven to work though it takes some time. One can also opt to undergo surgery to help with this problem. Just like all the other claimed methods surgery can be dangerous and has side effects.